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METALLICA's LARS ULRICH: 'OASIS Has Been The Soundtrack To My Life For The Last 20 Years'

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 15:47:08 +0000

In a recent column in the UK's The Guardian, METALLICA drummer Lars Ulrich wrote about the "huge impact" English rock band OASIS has had on him throughout the years. "OASIS has been the soundtrack to my life for the last 20 years on this wonderful planet," he said. "I have stories and pictures in my mind that go along with everything, from the first time I heard particular songs and read certain articles, to hearing about the band's shenanigans and festivities. And fortunately, I have enjoyed my fair share of crossing paths and sharing space with the fellas over the years. But most of those stories are probably best left for a night of tall tales, half truths and vivid imaginations. However, I will say that doing the lights for them at a club show in the spring of '95 at some God forsaken hole in the wall in Nowheresville, New Jersey, was a distinct highlight of my early encounters. They didn't have a crew guy to run the light board, and I was the only one in the building that knew the songs." Back in July, Ulrich revealed in an interview with the UK's Mirror that he quit using cocaine 10 years ago with the help of ex-OASIS guitarist and good pal Noel Gallagher. Ulrich explained, "In the early days, I'd always get drunk way faster than the other guys. I realized that if there was a little bit of cocaine involved I could stay up longer, instead of ending up face down in the corner passed out three hours before the party ended. I loved the social elements of cocaine. I loved the danger of it. Then about 10 years ago, I read an interview with Noel Gallagher, in which he said, 'I just stopped doing cocaine.' I thought that was really cool: it felt so fresh, so honest, so pure — I love that side of him. I've never had an addictive personality, so I woke up one day and said: 'enough.'" In a 2006 interview with Exclaim!, Noel Gallagher stated about Ulrich: "Although he's a fookin' geezer and I do love him, he's a strange character. A strange, strange man." Noel also recalled a time when Ulrich came to see OASIS perform live. "We tune our own guitars up because we're still capable of doing that — and he was like, [adopts perfect Ulrich accent] 'F-Fuck, you know, you know you guys should really fuckin' get one of your fuckin' road crew to tune your guitars. The fuckin' spaces in between the songs are too long," Noel said. "And it's just like, "Look man, I don't know if anyone's ever pointed this out to you before, but you're the fookin' drummer in METALLICA. Now you fookin' get on with that and leave the rest of it to us." METALLICA is currently working on material for its tenth studio album, tentatively due in 2015.

MÖTLEY CRÜE's NIKKI SIXX Sells Calabasas Home For $2.4 Million

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 15:10:12 +0000

According to the Los Angeles Times, MÖTLEY CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx sold his place in a gated Calabasas, California community for $2.409 million. Set on a third-acre corner lot and designed for entertaining, the four-bedroom, five-bathroom home Mediterranean-inspired house features wood floors, an office with built-ins, a loft and a music room/home theater. There is also a waterfall in the garden courtyard, plus a swimming pool, spa and barbecue center with fireplace and pizza oven. The 55-year-old rocker bought the property for $1.89 million in 2011, public records show. Sixx and his new 28-year-old wife and How2Girl founder, Courtney Bingham, recently spent $4.125 million on a Westlake Village house, which has 10,300 square feet of living space. MÖTLEY CRÜE may be on its "Final Tour" with Alice Cooper at the moment, but it looks like life after the road may include changing some diapers if Sixx's wife has anything to do with it. After the couple wed back in March, she's ready to start a family. Bingham told Radar Online, "Something great is coming to an end but new things are around the corner . . . When the tour is over, we intend to have a little rocker of our own! I am so excited to have my first baby with the love of my life.” The newlywed also shared what being married to Nikki has been like so far. She said, "Married life is everything I dreamed it would be. I still wake up and pinch myself every day when I see my husband. He then surprises me with lovely flowers and shows me the appreciation that anyone would want from a true gentleman. I am literally living my dream." Sixx already has four other children. He had three kids with Brandi Brandt: 23-year-old Gunner Nicholas Sixx, 20-year-old Storm Breanne Sixx and 19-year-old Decker Nilsson Sixx. Sixx also has a 13-year-old daughter with Donna D'Errico named Frankie-Jean Mary Sixx.

BLACK VEIL BRIDES In The Studio With Producer BOB ROCK: Fourth Video Blog Posted Online

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 14:45:40 +0000

The fourth in a series of video blogs featuring footage from the recording sessions for the fourth, self-titled album from Los Angeles theatrical rockers BLACK VEIL BRIDES can be seen below. Due on October 28, the follow-up to the band's third CD, last year's "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones", was helmed by producer Bob Rock, whose resume includes albums by METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE CULT and many others. The 11-track album features some of BLACK VEIL BRIDES' most aggressive and diverse songs to date. "Black Veil Brides" track listing: 01. Heart Of Fire 02. Faithless 03. Devil In The Mirror 04. Goodbye Agony 05. World Of Sacrifice 06. Last Rites 07. Stolen Omen 08. Walk Away 09. Drag Me To The Grave 10. Shattered God 11. Crown Of The Thorns "Heart Of Fire" was premiered on the September 8 edition of BBC Radio 1's "Rock Show" with Daniel P. Carter. The song is described in a press release as "an upbeat rocker that showcases the band's signnature dual-guitar attack and driving rhythm section all behind a positive lyrical message the band has become known for." The album cover was designed by longtime friend and previous album cover illustrator Richard Villa and can be seen below. BLACK VEIL BRIDES recently filmed videos for two singles, including "Heart Of Fire", which was shot in Santa Clarita, California. "The plan is just to do something that is a high-impact performance video," Biersack told VH1 Radio Network's Dave Basner early last month. "I think that the song calls for it. We're not going to do a whole lot of storyline in it. Obviously we made a whole movie out of the last record so we really want something that is very performance based and kind of shows more of what the live show is like. And also, it''s still going to be ridiculously over the top and theatrical, 'cause it's us." The new album follows up last year's "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones", which featured the Top 15 rock radio single "In The End". BLACK VEIL BRIDES will launch a massive U.S. headlining tour on October 21 in Niagara Falls, New York, with dates booked all the way through December 15 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


VOLBEAT To Return To Studio Next Summer, Says ROB CAGGIANO

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 13:57:14 +0000

In a brand new interview with Soundcrave Magazine, guitarist Rob Caggiano of Danish/American metal rock 'n' rollers VOLBEAT was asked when fans can expect to hear the follow-up to the band's fifth album, "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies", which was released last year. "We have been floating around some ideas," he said. "We will probably go back to the studio next year, maybe in August. We have some much-needed down [time] coming up. We finish this album cycle in November in the UK, then obviously the holidays and some family time. Next year, we will start getting into creative mode and start doing some stuff." Caggiano also spoke about whether there is pressure from record labels to stay out on the road 365 days a year in order to capitalize on the band's popularity. "No," he said. "When you're in a band and doing things on this level, there is like almost a certain protocol. You make a record, you go tour and do the entire album cycle playing as many places as you can then you regroup. You have to take some time to think about more music; that's just how it works! The crazy thing for me is that I don't feel like I have had any time off for an extreme amount of time. Like, years, because there was ANTHRAX, then THE DAMNED THINGS [project], back to ANTHRAX then to VOLBEAT. So I didn't follow the cycle most musicians do. [Laughs] So, I have been on the road constantly. It's completely insane. It's, like, when I go home, I can't sleep; I am just so used to being on a bus. But I just love this stuff!" VOLBEAT's co-headlining North American tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH kicked off on September 16 in Salt Lake City. Caggiano announced his departure from ANTHRAX in January 2013 to focus on his other passion: producing records. The following month, it was revealed that he had joined VOLBEAT after serving as producer on VOLBEAT's latest album, "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies", alongside longtime production partner Jacob Hansen, who produced and mixed the band's prior four albums. Caggiano's other producer credits include THE DAMNED THINGS, BLEEDING THROUGH and ANTHRAX, and he was a member of ANTHRAX for two tenures — from 2001 to 2005 and again from 2007 to 2013.

SLASH: 'As Far As The Industry Is Concerned, Rock 'N' Roll Is Very Much The Ugly Cousin'

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 13:05:58 +0000

In a brand new interview with Ronan McGreevy of The Irish Times, Slash has once again responded to KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons' recent comment that "rock is dead." Simmons told Esquire magazine earlier in the month — in an interview conducted by his son Nick — that "rock did not die of old age. It was murdered. Some brilliance, somewhere, was going to be expressed and now it won't because it's that much harder to earn a living playing and writing songs. No one will pay you to do it." Simmons went on to elaborate that as a result of file-sharing and other issues, record label support for rock music was not available like it was when KISS was coming up, concluding, "It's finally dead. Rock is finally dead." Asked to weigh in on Gene's comments, Slash told The Irish Times: "All things considered, there are a lot of issues that have popped up over the last 20 years or so that have had a huge effect on the industry as a whole. "I don't think that the file-sharing necessarily is the catalyst to the plight that rock music is in. "If they don't want to waste money on bands and artists that aren't doing what you consider popular music, that's more because every single record company has been digested by a huge corporate conglomerate and they just want to do what makes the most money. "There are still some indie labels out there signing good rock bands. "I sort of appreciate the landscape at the moment because it has forced us to really feeling strongly about expressing ourselves in the rock 'n' roll format and really believe in it. That's the people who are really passionate about it. But being part of a live audience is people appreciating what rock 'n' roll music is all about. I don't think that has changed. "The quality of commercial music is in the toilet, but the people who do it for real and mean it are still fantastic. They just don't have the outlets they used to have. Asked what he meant when he used the word "plight" to describe the state of rock music, Slash said: "Rock 'n' roll is a genre. In terms of what popular music is all about in terms of record sales and radio and all of that, it is probably at its lowest ebb of all time. But I know a lot of it does have to do with the fact that everybody is streaming online. But as far as the industry is concerned, rock 'n' roll is very much the ugly cousin. I sort of dig that because it provides a certain sense of rebellion and attitude that was missing. And all the popular so-called heavy metal bands that do make it to radio are so conformist that I can't stand them. All the real heavy metal bands, they've been doing the same thing for years and years on the same level, and they keeping putting out music and doing what they do. I like that." Slash released his third solo album, "World On Fire", on September 16. The disc is the second to feature Slash's regular backing band, MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS, and follows up 2012's "Apocalyptic Love". The former GUNS N' ROSES member and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee just wrapped up a summer tour with AEROSMITH and played three shows in West Hollywood before heading out to Europe.

Former IN FLAMES Guitarist JESPER STRÖMBLAD Says Alcohol Played Only A 'Small Part' in His Decision To Leave

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 12:38:15 +0000

Former IN FLAMES guitarist Jesper Strömblad claims that his alcohol addiction was only a "small" part of the reason he left the band and says that IN FLAMES' current musical direction does not match his original "vision" for the group. While answering questions from fans on his official Facebook page, Jesper addressed the most popular query: Will he ever return to IN FLAMES? "No one never knows what the future brings, but the chances [of me rejoining IN FLAMES] are slim as they embarked on a different musical journey, they have a solid lineup and I'm on a totally different path in life right now," Jesper wrote. "I would never go into details why I quit, but there is always one official story and there is the other… Alcohol is a quite small part of it. "That can also answer the next question: What do I think of their new stuff? Listen to [my new band] THE RESISTANCE and that explains a bit of it. "We simply went [in] different directions. "I need to stand behind and feel inspired with what I do 100%, I owe it to the fans and, obviously, the band. "All respect to IN FLAMES and their new approach, but, for me, the band was a guitar/riff-based melodeath band. And it's not anymore, but still amazing musicianship and I don't think it's wrong. But it's not the vision I had when we started out. But still, all respect to them and the huge success; [it is] highly deserved! "So please, I wish, change the comment from 'Come back to IN FLAMES' to 'Welcome Niklas Engelin,' who is one of the nicest talented guys, and the one who fill my shoes perfect, and brings back an amazing energy live and personally! "So there you have it. "I do not and will never compromise with my music. I'm on a new path together with the guys in THE RESISTANCE who made me want to play again and the good feeling of being a part of a band. Dedication, friendship, genuine passion for the music! Money, fame, Grammys, etc., doesn't matter a crap if you you're not comitted 100% to it. "I also have a solo album coming up, a facebreaking EP and album with THE RESISTANCE and some other other excitiing projects. "So... everyone is where they belong.. I'm in a band I love. IN FLAMES do their thing great... All good." Strömblad announced his departure from IN FLAMES in February 2010, explaining in a statement, "I'm determined to fight and defeat my demons once and for all." The remaining members of IN FLAMES added: "The door to IN FLAMES is always open to Jesper. We are, and will always be, behind Jesper 100% on his way to recovery." THE RESISTANCE's full-length debut, "Scars", was released in May 2013 via earMUSIC, the Hamburg, Germany-based international rock label which is part of Edel Group. In addition to Strömblad, THE RESISTANCE features in its ranks current THE HAUNTED frontman Marco Aro.

BUSH: 'The Only Way Out' Video Released

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:24:01 +0000

"The Only Way Out", the new video from the alt-rock band BUSH, can be seen below. The song is taken from the group's new album, "Man On The Run", which will be released on October 21 via Zuma Rock Records/RAL. BUSH (vocalist/guitarist Gavin Rossdale, guitarist Chris Traynor, bassist Corey Britz and drummer Robin Goodridge) recorded "Man On The Run" with Grammy-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (MASTODON, DEFTONES, FOO FIGHTERS, ALICE IN CHAINS) at Studio 606, the Northridge, California-based studio owned by FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl. BUSH has also teamed with PledgeMusic for a special campaign that offers fans a chance to take a behind-the-scenes look at the new album, along with a number of Pledge exclusives, including limited-edition vinyl, hand-written lyrics, pre-order opportunities and more. "Man On The Run" is the follow-up to 2011's "The Sea Of Memories", which was BUSH's first release in 10 years. That album saw them return to the top of the charts in grand style, with lead single "The Sound of Winter" making rock radio history as the first independently released song ever to hit No. 1 at Alternative Rock radio (where it stayed for six consecutive weeks). According to The Pulse Of Radio, BUSH will reissue four of its previous albums on October 14 in remastered editions, including 1994's "Sixteen Stone", 1996's "Razorblade Suitcase", 1999's "The Science of Things" and the 1997 remix LP, "Deconstructed". Frontman Gavin Rossdale told The Pulse Of Radio that putting the reissues together has been a bittersweet experience. "We've done some remastering of the stuff and we've got some nice things planned, some alternate versions of things," he said. "It's been quite nostalgic for me, going back into the past, I mean looking through oceans of old photographs and being maybe quite nostalgic when I try not to be nostalgic. It's fun and enlightening and heartwarming and sad all at once." All of the tracks — including hits like "Glycerine", "Machinehead" and "Comedown" — have been remastered in high resolution from their original audio recordings.


EXODUS' GARY HOLT Says 'Blood In Blood Out' Is 'Not In Any Way A Throwback Album'

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 11:10:30 +0000

Guitarist Gary Holt, drummer Tom Hunting and vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza of San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal veterans EXODUS were interviewed on Scion AV's "The All Purpose Show" before the band's July 25 performance at METALLICA guitarist Kirk Hammett's "Fear FestEvil After Party" at the San Diego Comic-Con International. You can now watch the chat below. EXODUS will release their tenth studio album, "Blood In Blood Out", in North America on October 14 via Nuclear Blast. The album art was illustrated by Swedish artist Pär Olofsson, known worldwide for his incredible renderings that have graced the covers of countless heavy metal albums, including EXODUS' "Let There Be Blood". Asked how he would compare the musical direction of "Blood In Blood Out" to that of previous EXODUS albums, Holt said: "I think it's a pefect blend of, like, the new, modern — or, as people say, the 'way too modern' — EXODUS and, like, a little of the classic stuff. But it's not in any way a throwback album. I mean, there's gonna be some people who say the songs are still too long and Gary Holt doesn't know what he's doing." Souza added: "I think that's with anything that you do. You'll attract the likers and the haters with everything." Original EXODUS guitarist Kirk Hammett, who has been a member of METALLICA for the past 31 years, contributed a solo to the song "Salt The Wound". "Blood In Blood Out" is EXODUS' first album since the departure of the band's lead singer of the past nine years, Rob Dukes, and the return of his predecessor, Steve "Zetro" Souza, who previously fronted EXODUS from 1986 to 1993 and from 2002 to 2004.

Rumored New SLIPKNOT Bassist's KROKODIL To Release Debut Album 'Nachash' In November

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 10:23:20 +0000

KROKODIL, the UK band featuring rumored new SLIPKNOT bassist Alessandro "Vman" Venturella, will release its debut album, "Nachash", on November 10 via Spinefarm Records. "Nachash" is now available to pre-order. Pre-order bundles include a limited run of lithographs featuring the album artwork (created by KROKODIL guitarist Dan P.Carter), an exclusive T-shirt design, plus CD/vinyl options, with the first run of vinyl available in a very limited translucent finish (pantone 666!). KROKODIL's new single, "Reptilia Familiar", one of the 12 tracks that make up "Nachash", can be streamed using the SoundCloud widget below. Following the album release, KROKODIL will embark on a tour as the support act for MASTODON in November and December. Also appearing on the bill — which will make stops in Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Germany – is U.S. sludge-metal trio BIG BUSINESS.

AVATARIUM: 'All I Want' EP Teaser

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 10:09:24 +0000

AVATARIUM, the project led by Leif Edling, founding bassist and main songwriter of Swedish doom metal legends CANDLEMASS, will release a new vinyl/digital-only EP, "All I Want", on November 14 via Nuclear Blast. A teaser for the EP is available below. In addition to Edling, AVATARIUM features Marcus Jidell (ROYAL HUNT, EVERGREY) on guitar, Lars Sköld (TIAMAT) on drums, Carl Westholm on keyboards and Jennie-Ann Smith on vocals. In early 2014, AVATARIUM felt the need to break new musical ground and, after listening to some old vinyl records, the desire to get closer to this kind of material was born. With a new demo track at hand, Edling was joined by Jidell to work on the song that would be called "All I Want". While the two musicians got deeper into exploring where they want to take the music of AVATARIUM and how they can keep things interesting for themselves and for the fans, yet another song was created, and the idea to make a new EP was fully set. The old spirit comes even more alive, with psychedelic percussionist Michael Blair, who has worked with Tom Waits and Lou Reed, among others, guesting on "All I Want". Commented Jidell: "[Michael] showed up at the studio with a big 'bag of tricks' with metals, crashers, shakers and a lot of strange things which he made sound like if you throw in a punkrocker at Woodstock and feed him with psychedelic pills!" About the new songs, he adds: "We tried to keep things simple and spontaneous during the recordings, something I hope people will be able to hear. Also, I think that Jennie-Ann Smith has reached new levels with the way she sings on both of the new songs!" "All I Want" EP track listing: 10-inch single: Side A (45 RPM) 01. All I Want 02. Deep Well Side B (33 RPM) 01. Pandora's Egg (live) 02. Tides Of Telepathy (live) 03. Bird Of Prey (live) The three live songs were recorded at the 2014 edition of renowned Roadburn festival in Tilburg, The Netherlands, which was the second ever AVATARIUM show and the first one outside of Sweden. Due to his health condition, Edling was unable to perform with AVATARIUM at some of the band's most recent gigs. Filling in for him once again was Anders Iwers from TIAMAT. AVATARIUM's self-titled debut album was released in Europe on November 1, 2013 via Nuclear Blast. AVATARIUM's first release was a 12-inch mini-LP, "Moonhorse", featuring the title track, the B-side "Boneflower" as well as an acoustic cover version of BLACK SABBATH's "War Pigs". It arrived on September 20, 2013. AVATARIUM is: Leif Edling: Bass Jennie-Ann Smith: Vocals Marcus Jidell: Guitar Lars Sköld: Drums Carl Westholm: Keyboards


JUDAS PRIEST's ROB HALFORD Doesn't Rule Out More Solo Albums In The Future

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 09:47:37 +0000

Although JUDAS PRIEST is his primary focus for the foreseeable future, vocalist Rob Halford hasn't ruled out making more solo albums when time permits. Rob's last CD with the HALFORD band, "Halford IV - Made Of Metal", came out in September 2010 and was the follow-up to 2009's "Halford III - Winter Songs", which was the singer's first solo release in more than seven years. Asked by Canadian rock journalist Mitch Lafon of the "One On One With Mitch Lafon" podcast (Facebook page) if he plans to revisit his solo career at some point down the line, Halford said: "I'm still curious about other things that can be made in music; that's just my nature as a musician. I think that if you have a sense of what could happen if you hooked up with this person or that person, then why stop yourself? Having said that, as I've always said, PRIEST is the love of my life in metal, and I get a lot of things that I want as a metal musician from this band, and I think you can hear that roaring from [the new JUDAS PRIEST album] 'Redeemer Of Souls'. But I'm interested, you know. And, as I've always said again, PRIEST comes first for me. And when time allows, as I'm sure it will in the not-too-distant future, I'll see what else I can do in the solo world." After the release of JUDAS PRIEST's 1990 album "Painkiller", Halford wanted to do a solo record, but the rest of the group wouldn't let him. So he left the band and did it anyway, while his bandmates continued without him. PRIEST recruited vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens in 1996 and released two studio albums, 1997's "Jugulator" and 2001's "Demolition", before reuniting with Rob in 2003. Speaking about his time away from PRIEST, Halford told Lafon: "PRIEST was going through an extraordinary time in the early '90s. The band had been working literally non-stop from those very first releases. And you could suggest that, yeah, if we could have all taken a hiatus of sorts, things might have turned out differently. But hey, that's life, you know?" He continued: "Life isn't a smooth journey. I've never wanted a smooth journey in life; I just wanted all the craziness that comes with it. And so I look back at that time, and it was extreme, it was a bit dangerous. But again, I think something good came out of it, from my perspective. PRIEST forged ahead with my good friend Tim 'Ripper' Owens; he was holding the mic and doing a fantastic job." He added: "Hey, I'm not the first guy that's stepped out a band and done something of that nature. It was fulfilling. But I'll tell you, what it did kind of bring home to me was just how much I valued and how much I needed JUDAS PRIEST in my life. I missed all my bandmates, I just missed all that really tight type of experience that you have with each other when you're in a band, especially a band of the nature of JUDAS PRIEST. So I kind of went for a walk and did my stuff and then was eager to find a way to come back, and, of course, it's been suggested that the [HALFORD's 2000] 'Resurrection' album was the bridge back to the world of PRIEST. So when that opportunity arose and we were able to reform at that particular time, it was a tremendous feeling from everybody, from everybody in the band at the time, and, of course, most importantly, the fans who have stood with us — old PRIEST fans, new PRIEST fans; they've all been with us every step of the way supporting us. So it was just a fantastic feeling to be regrouped again."

SLIPKNOT's JIM ROOT: We Put The New Drummer 'Through The Wringer'

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 08:30:26 +0000

SLIPKNOT's fifth album, ".5: The Gray Chapter", will be released on October 21 via Roadrunner. It's the band's first CD without founding drummer Joey Jordison, who was fired in 2013, and late bassist Paul Gray. The identities of the band's new bassist and drummer have not yet been revealed, but both appeared — disguised in the same newly designed mask — in the video for "The Devil In I", the first single from the new album. Nonetheless, it is widely believed that the new bassist is Alessandro "Vman" Venturella, who sports the exact same tattoo on his hand that was spotted on the hand of the new bassist in the video. Venturella has served as a guitar tech for MASTODON, COHEED AND CAMBRIA and others, while also playing in the band KROKODIL. SLIPKNOT's new drummer is thought to be Jay Weinberg, son of longtime Bruce Springsteen drummer Max Weinberg. Asked how he feels the new members acclimated to the SLIPKNOT recording process, guitarist Jim Root told Australia's Music Feeds: "I think they did really well considering the circumstances that were thrown at them. We threw the book at the drummer, we fuckin' put him through the wringer. He did not have it easy. But he was up to the challenge with everything that we threw at him. He took it all and props to him for that. The bass player was a little bit of a different situation, because we kind of had a little bit of a revolving door of dudes coming in and out and trying things. Even Donnie [Steele, the group's original guitar player who played bass with SLIPKNOT since they resumed touring in 2011] came into the studio for a while and it just to a point where we were struggling looking for somebody and then the right guy presented himself sort of at the last minute. It worked out pretty cool." Root also spoke about the way fans immediately began analyzing the "The Devil In I" video to find clues about the new members. He laughed and said: "I sort of try to stay away from seeing what the fans… I have a hard time with any sort of criticism; not because I have some huge ego or anything like that. This is the most personal record I've ever done, it's probably the most deeply involved record that I've done, so it kind of crushes me a little bit when somebody doesn't get it or they're comparing it to something else. It kind of makes me throw my hands up in the air, so I haven't paid too much attention to all that type of shit. I like to keep my world positive. There's enough negativity kicking around." Asked if he was able to comment on Joey's departure at all, Root said: "Not really, and only because I haven't spoken to him and I don't really think it's fair to him to really talk about until I've at least spoken to him. I love the guy to death and we're just going through some shit. I haven't spoken to him since October of last year, so I'd rather not say anything until there comes a time where I see him and talk to him or whatever." SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor said in a new interview with Metal Hammer that firing Jordison in 2013 after 18 years was "one of the hardest decisions" the group ever made, adding that Jordison is "in a place in his life" which is "not where we are." Taylor said he could not get into specifics for legal reasons, but admitted, "It's when a relationship hits that T-section and one person's going one way and you're going the other. And try as you might to either get them to go your way or try and go their way, at some point you've got to go in the direction that works for you. This is me speaking in the broadest terms, with respect to Joey. I guess to sum it up, it was one of the hardest decisions we ever made." Taylor said that the band is "happy right now and we hope that he is… He's just in a place in his life, right now, that's not where we are." The singer would not answer whether drug use played a role in Jordison's dismissal, and confessed that he had not been in touch with his former bandmate. Taylor said, "I haven't talked to Joey in a while, to be honest. That's how different we are. It's not because I don't love him and I don't miss him. And it is painful; we talk about him all the time, but at the same time, do we miss him or do we miss the old him? That's what it really comes down to."

WITHIN TEMPTATION To Release 'Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert' DVD, Blu-Ray, 2CD

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 08:13:25 +0000

Dutch symphonic rock band WITHIN TEMPTATION will release a new live DVD/Blu-ray/2CD, "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert", on November 14. The set features two of WITHIN TEMPTATION's most-talked-about arena shows ever. The two dates are 2012's resplendent 15th birthday "Elements" concert and the final night of the "Hydra" European arena tour at Amsterdam's Heineken Music Hall in May 2014. When it comes to the live experience, WITHIN TEMPTATION's status is of a league extraordinaire. These two performances showcase every nuance of their fierce reputation plus stunning imagery and special FX, including even giant fire-breathing dragons! In November 2012, WITHIN TEMPTATION challenged themselves to create one of their most impressive arena shows ever, to celebrate the band's 15th birthday. The result was the one-off symphonic "Elements" show, held at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. A dazzling event with 15,000 fans, the band's dream came to life. Newly inspired, the group went forth to write their critically acclaimed sixth studio album, "Hydra". In early 2014, WITHIN TEMPTATION unleashed "Hydra". This monster record claimed more than 10 European Top-10 chart positions, a No. 2 position in the iTunes World Charts, and the band's highest U.S. Billboard Top-20 chart position to date. The album success was followed by a 33-date European arena tour, selling out noted venues like Wembley Arena in London, Le Zenith in Paris, and the legendary Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam (twice). Over 15,000 fans joined the "Elements" show celebrations and more than 120,000 fans witnessed the "Hydra" beast on stage in Europe, but WITHIN TEMPTATION is far from done. The "Hydra" world tour is currently in full swing in North America. With South America and Japan still to come, more than half a million fans will have seen WITHIN TEMPTATION by the end of this year. WITHIN TEMPTATION is renowned for releasing impressive live DVDs. Previous release, the best-selling "Black Symphony" DVD, helped make them one of the most popular bands in their genre. At their recent Awards show in Berlin, Metal Hammer Germany presented WITHIN TEMPTATION with the prestigious "Best Live Band" award. The new DVD underlines this title. "Let Us Burn - Elements & Hydra Live In Concert" will be released in four formats — DVD + 2CD, Blu-ray + 2CD, 2CD, and digital album. The DVD and Blu-ray contain 34 live audio visual tracks in HD, mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround. The 2CD and digital album comprise 32 live audio tracks. The two shows have a running time total of approximately 170 minutes. To coincide with WITHIN TEMPTATION's current headlining North American tour, 1,400 copies of the premium import version of the "Hydra" media book are on sale at the Nuclear Blast USA webshop. This WITHIN TEMPTATION imported media book version includes the 10-song "Hydra" album, an exclusive 100-page booklet, plus a bonus CD with the following track listing: 01. Radioactive (IMAGINE DRAGONS cover) 02. Summertime Sadness (LANA DEL REY cover) 03. Let Her Go (PASSENGER cover song) 04. Dirty Dancer (ENRIQUE IGLESIAS cover) 05. And We Run * 06. Silver Moonlight * 07. Covered By Roses * 08. Tell Me Why * * Demo/Evolution track withintemptationletusburndvd

SICK OF IT ALL: 'The Last Act Of Defiance' Track-By-Track Breakdown

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A track-by-track breakdown of "The Last Act Of Defiance", the new album from New York hardcore veterans SICK OF IT ALL, can be seen below, The CD was released in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on September 29, and in North America on September 30 via Century Media. Asked what he wants fans to walk away with after hearing "The Last Act Of Defiance", SICK OF IT ALL drummer Armand Majidi's answer is very simple: "I want them to feel that they just heard a hardcore record that has everything, from blistering speed to bouncing groove, to heavy and pounding to bright and melodic." The eye-catching cover artwork for "The Last Act Of Defiance" was created by Ernie Parada, who has already designed posters, merchandise and album art for numerous bands and artists from the punk and hardcore scene such as HATEBREED, PROPAGANDHI, RANCID and THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM. "The Last Act Of Defiance" was helmed by SICK OF IT ALL's longtime friend and producer Tue Madsen, who recorded the album at Nova Studio in Staten Island, New York and mixed it at his own Antfarm Studio in Denmark. Stated Majidi about why Madsen is the perfect match for SICK OF IT ALL: "Not only do we get along famously, but he has always understood how to capture the band's intensity in the quietly controlled, less-than-intense studio setting. "It was always difficult for us to find an engineer who could capture our live sound before meeting Tue, so now that we've found him, he's our guy.” "The Last Act Of Defiance" track listing: 01. Sound The Alarm 02. 2061 03. Road Less Traveled 04. Get Bronx 05. Part Of History 06. Losing War 07. Never Back Down 08. Facing The Abyss 09. Act Your Rage 10. Disconnect Your Flesh 11. Beltway Getaway 12. Sidelined 13. Outgunned 14. DNC The lyric video for the song "DNC" can be seen below.



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Kscope has announced the signing of UK's masters of modern progressive heaviness TESSERACT. Amos Williams, TESSERACT bass player, commented on the signing: "Really looking forward to discovering the possibilities of working with such a creative label. We admire everything Kscope's done with bands like ANATHEMA, KATATONIA and Steven Wilson, and can't wait to see where they will guide TESSERACT in this new chapter of the band. Very excited!" Over the course of the last six years, TESSERACT has been at the forefront of flourishing part of the ever-evolving metal scene. Originally formed as a studio project by guitarist Acle Kahney, TESSERACT immediately eschewed all well-established notions of what metal should sound like and swiftly became a unique and daring entity. Kahney had recruited a lineup worthy of his ground-breaking compositions, and the band embarked upon a quest to inject some originality and excitement back into an often myopic and lazy British metal scene. The longstanding line up of drummer Jay Postones, guitarist James Monteith and bassist Amos Williams has recently welcomed back vocalist Dan Tompkins, whose first show back with the band was on the main stage at this year's UK Sonisphere festival. The band has already found a new creative energy having reunited with singer Dan Tompkins, and has already written half of its third album, the follow-up to "Altered State", slated for a 2015 release. TESSERACT's debut album, "One", in 2011, featuring Dan Tompkins on vocals, received widespread critical acclaim, not least due to the album's staggering six-part centrepiece "Concealing Fate", which brilliantly showcased the band's pioneering sonic approach and unstoppable arsenal of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies and disorientating atmospherics. The primarily acoustic "Perspective" EP emerged in May 2012 to an effusive response from critics and fans alike, and shortly after the band's status as progressive metal's most fascinating new creative force was very publicly celebrated when TESSERACT picked up the "Best New Band" trophy at 2012's inaugural Progressive Music Awards in London. Not wasting any time, TESSERACT released its second album, "Altered State", in early 2013 again to worldwide media acclaim. Fans can experience the band's thrilling live shows across Europe as it begins an extensive tour with co-headliners ANIMALS AS LEADERS.

HALESTORM: Second Video Update From The Studio

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 06:28:31 +0000

HALESTORM has just posted the second in a series of video clips from the studio where the band is recording its third album. Shot during the quartet's second week in the studio, the 14-minute clip, which can be seen below, features each of the group's members discussing their work and hinting at what fans can expect from the follow-up to 2012's Grammy-winning sophomore effort, "The Strange Case Of…" Noting that the band members are recording their tracks together instead of individually, frontwoman Lzzy Hale said in a previous update, "It's very performance-based. It's very much based on whether or not we can all hit it at the same time or whether or not I can hit a note without having to be auto-tuned or something like that. It's definitely a challenge." Drummer Arejay Hale added: "It's a way more organic way to record, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that it really captures what we are as a band. It's not manufactured or super edited or super perfect." Lzzy Hale took time out from the recording of the CD to discuss the project with Shor Bazaar, Pakistan's first international artist management services. Asked if HALESTORM is going in a harder and heavier direction on the upcoming effort or if the group is going back to its rock roots, Hale said: "As always, we're kind of always chasing whatever gets us excited. And that's how we've done each record. With this one, there's obviously gonna be some surprises, because we're using… We've discovered… Either we're growing as musicians or we're discovering new things to get us excited. But, as always, it's probably gonna a little bit of both, because we obviously can't run too far from our heavy roots. Obviously that's always gonna be there. There's always gonna be that JUDAS PRIEST album that I'll listen to when I'm working out, and [I'll be, like], 'Oh, we need a song like that.' So that's always gonna happen. But there's definitely gonna be a few surprises on this record. If nothing else, the goal for this next record is to kind of bridge the gap between what people hear on our albums and what they see live. So a lot of it is kind of going to be… There's gonna be a lot of us [laughs] on this record." Hale recently admitted to Gearphoria that there was more pressure this time to follow up the success of 2012's "The Strange Case Of…" She explained, "We've definitely evolved. The one thing that has remained the same is that we're all perpetually 14 years old inside, so we're all very immature. That hasn't changed much. But the animal or monster of HALESTORM has gotten bigger, and obviously there's more responsibility and also a little more on the line." Hale added, "It blows my mind that not only are we making our third record for Atlantic Records, which is a feat in itself because we know so many bands that never make it to this one . . . but also it has been 18 years since my brother and I started HALESTORM, so there are moments of 'Can you believe we're still doing this?' It's mind-boggling." "The Strange Case Of…" yielded two chart-topping rock singles in "Freak Like Me" and the Grammy-winning "Love Bites (So Do I)" . HALESTORM debuted two new songs — "Heartbreaker" and "Mayhem" — at shows in Tennessee and England this past spring. The new album will be the first one that HALESTORM has written mostly in the studio. Hale told The Pulse Of Radio that while she enjoys writing songs on tour, they're often different from what the band does in the studio. "Definitely," she said. "When everything is kind of more consistently tour-focused and not, you know, writing-focused, I definitely write differently. I explore different subjects without being picky about anything. So as things develop in my life, in either my personal life or professional, it's nice to explore all those different subjects, you know, without the pressure of being in the studio." The band has also been taking time out from the studio to play shows here and there, which Hale has enjoyed, saying, "It's extremely inspiring to step out of the studio and then step in front of an audience and remind yourself why you're making these songs. It gives you perspective about what you're working on in the studio." HALESTORM will embark on a U.S. tour later this fall, beginning on November 11 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

MASTODON's BRANN DAILOR Defends 'The Motherload' Video Against Accusations Of Sexism

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 23:50:21 +0000

Drummer Brann Dailor of Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON has defended the band's video for the song "The Motherload" against accusations of sexism, saying that it shouldn't be "taken so seriously." "The Motherload" clip features a crew of women twerking in hypnotic slow motion against a Satanic backdrop, climaxing with a dance-off and a Day-Glo explosion. "The last thing that I wanted to do was come on and be defensive, because I don't feel like I should have to defend it," Dailor tells Pitchfork. "It's a music video and it's really not supposed to be something that gets people this upset because this was really a fun thing that doesn't really mean too much. It's not to be taken so seriously." He continued: "I don't know, I just don't see the sexism in it. I know there's half-naked women that are shaking their butts. For some people it's titillating, but for me it just looked amazing. I thought the girls were awesome and talented, and I thought it was amazing to watch. I love when it turns into that kaleidoscope effect thing; it brings the video to a whole new level. But it's gotten people talking obviously, you know. I figured that would happen, you know what I mean. I knew there was going to be some negativity. But we do that; we're that kind of band. It hadn't been done before, and we were kind of looking for something that hadn't been done before because it's hard to come by these days." According to Dailor, the inspiration for the video came from a desire to "make something that was bizarre — that would confuse people." He revealed the idea began as a sort of parody of '90s heavy metal videos but admitted that "there wasn't any high concept" behind the clip. “We weren't trying to make fun of hip-hop videos," he said. "It was a fine line, because I didn't want it to come off being sexist, so I thought that maybe the females took centre stage and looked powerful and had this dance battle. "I don't feel like what we were trying to do was jump on any twerking bandwagon," he added. "We just wanted to put something into our music video that people would probably think, 'That shouldn't be there,' or, 'Those two things don't go together, they shouldn't be together.' I wanted to just put them together because we can." "The Motherload" is taken from MASTODON's sixth album, "Once More 'Round The Sun", which sold around 34,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 6 on The Billboard 200 chart. The record arrived in stores on June 24 via Reprise Records.

TOM MORELLO Denies Requesting Special Treatment At Restaurant, Blames 'Rude' Doorman For Confrontation

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 21:06:51 +0000

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist Tom Morello has denied that he requested "special treatment" from a Seattle restaurant over the weekend, claiming instead that the eatery's doorman may have had "underlying motives" that eventually led to a war of words to erupt between the parties over the Internet. Following his performance Friday night (September 26) at the El Corazon as part of a benefit concert for 15 Now, the grassroots organization that successfully fought for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle, Morello and his entourage tried to get into The 5 Point Cafe but were apparently turned away, causing the musician to take to his Twitter and blast the restaurant, writing: "Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the WORST. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word." David Meinert, the owner of The 5 Point Cafe, released a response to Tom's tweet in which he insisted that his establishment was "totally pro worker" and claimed that Tom and his crew "wanted a special room in the back" even though the restaurant "was at capacity and there was a line" of people waiting to get in. He added that "rock stars don't get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn't give less of a shit." Earlier tonight, Morello released the following statement regarding Friday's incident: "I regret that my Twitter salvo about the treatment I received at a Seattle restaurant and the subsequent digital tempest in a tea pot may have taken away from the important work of those organizing for a $15 minimum wage and the Seattle show I played on their behalf. "When next in Seattle, I would be happy sit down over a beverage — or sooner on the phone — and discuss the matter to conclusion with all concerned. The restaurant, the incident and my bruised feelings don't matter. What does matter is the hard, tireless work put in by those committed to fighting for a more just world. "If interested however here is the non-140-character blow by blow of the 'Encounter At The 5 Point Cafe': "Our team of musicians flew to Seattle for a benefit show for 15 Now, the grassroots campaign to raise the minimum wage to $15. I've long been a supporter of this particular campaign as well as the national drive for a living wage. "The show itself at the former Off Ramp went great. I was reunited with former AUDIOSLAVE band mate Chris Cornell for the first time in years, and together with the raucous crowd, it was really a special evening. A good deal of money was raised for the 15 Now cause and we wandered into the Seattle late night happy... and hungry. "Two of our hosts from 15 Now, a band mate of mine, a woman from management, and my brother from Kenya comprised our party. Someone suggested Five Point, a spot I remember fondly from back in the day. I had some reservations because one of our 15 Now friends said that while the owner was a good guy and treated staff well, the restaurant itself was on 'the wrong side of the minimum-wage issue' and had attempted to water down the $15 mininum wage legislation by drawing out the implementation period and adjusting for tips to make it more palatable to small businesses. I am 100% on the side of an undiluted 15 Now initiative which is in my view the only 'pro worker' position, but hey, we were hungry, so let's give it a shot. "The restaurant was packed and spirited and we asked the doorman 'party of 6 for dinner?' He said they were at capacity and it would probably be a 10-minute wait. No problem. Then ten people or so left the restaurant. 'Can we come in now? Those people just left.' No. 'Why?' I'm not letting anyone in. 'Wait a second. Are you at capacity or are you not letting anyone in?' I'm not letting you in. 'So you're no longer at capacity but we can't come in?' No. 'Um ok. How about we order take out and sit at one of these 20 empty tables outside?' No. 'Ok what's really going on here dude? Some of us have traveled a long way. He's from Kenya! I'm from the '90s!' I'm not letting you in. 'Say, is your manager here? Maybe he's a RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE fan? He might even raise your pay to $15 an hour!' More people leave the restaurant. It's clearly under capacity. Then our friends see that inside the restaurant several tables are occupied by friends of ours from 15 Now. 'Hey look we don't even need a table. We'll just join our friends who are already inside?' No. 'Really? Why not?" I'm not letting you in. 'Can we just go TALK to them and see if they have room for us?' No. It was like a hipster version of a Studio 54 doorman. At that point, my band mate made a flavorful declaration and we decamped to the trusty, attitude-free, IHOP where we enjoyed a drama-free stack of hotcakes. "To be clear: at no point did myself or anyone in our party 'demand special treatment,' a 'private room' or any other ridiculousness. I was, however, pissed at the rudeness of the doorman to my friends and my younger brother — of whom I'm quite protective. I question what underlying motives the doorman may have had. Bad day? Anti-Kenyan? Preferred the SPIN DOCTORS? "Whatever the cause, it is unfortunate that MY actions in response have diverted attention from the great work done by 15 Now. 'Twitter bitching' is counterproductive as it invites grossly misinformed conjecture not easily dispelled in 140 characters. Lesson learned. "As I've said before, Seattle is truly an advanced society with its $15 minimum wage, its legal pot, its gay marriage, its great music and its Seattle Seahawks. "Next time we'll call ahead." After Morello posted the above message, Meinert himself took to Facebook and offered the following response: "Maybe he was 'Anti-Kenyan'?? Ok, enough, Tom. That's fucked up. Stop trying to portray the doorperson as a racist. That really sucks and is crazy abusive. "Done with you. "Maybe you don't realize you were acting the punk, but you were. "Just because 10 people leave a place doesn't mean the place still isn't over capacity. Ugh. "You should really STFU. "I was totally willing to put an end to this but now you're really actually pissing me off. And I tried to 'water down' the minimum wage by asking for a tip credit with a $10 base with increases tied to the CPI? Get it right, man. You're looking ignorant. "Next time, don't call, IHOP is glad to take your money and donate it to right-wing politicians so keep going there and supporting the very thing you claim to rage against. "Pathetic."

STRYPER Frontman Finds It 'Deeply Puzzling' That Album Sales Don't Equate With Followers On Facebook And Twitter

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 18:49:42 +0000

Guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER says that he is "deeply puzzled" by the fact that sales of most bands' albums keep declining even as their social-media presence continues to grow. STRYPER's latest studio album, "No More Hell To Pay", sold around 9,600 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 35 on The Billboard 200 chart. This was more than double the first-week tally registered by "Second Coming", a collection of re-recorded versions of STRYPER's classic songs, which opened with around 4,400 units back in May 2013 to land at No. 117. STRYPER's covers album, 2011's "The Covering", premiered with around 4,600 copies to enter the chart at No. 175, while the band's previous collection of new material, 2009's "Murder By Pride", sold 5,900 copies to debut at No. 73. While promoting STRYPER's latest release, a live CD/DVD combination called "Live At The Whisky", Sweet told the "Totally Driven Radio" podcast (hear audio below): "The one thing in this world, I think, every band faces — and I know Sebastian Bach has talked about it recently — and that is the album sales don't equate to the followers on Facebook and Twitter. If you have a million followers on Facebook and you sell ten thousand copies of an album, something's weird, something's wrong. I don't know what it is; I don't think anybody's figured it out. I mean, there are all the reasons that play into it, obviously, such as, you know, people just don't buy music these days, people download, the economy's bad, people don't have the money… blah blah blah… you know, it goes on and on and on. But there's still something puzzling about that — like, deeply puzzling. And it's very concerning, because it's, like, 'What's going on?' And it seems to be that the sales keep going down. And, again, [it's] all relative, but all around the board. I mean, it doesn't matter what genre in music, sales are just declining. People just, I guess, aren't buying, or, for whatever reason, don't wanna buy music anymore." Sweet also commented on U2's decision to team with Apple to put the Irish rock band's new album, "Songs Of Innocence", on every single iTunes account in the world for free regardless of whether it was wanted or not. He said: "I'm not jealous or upset with the guys. They made their business move and made a whole ton of money, and then Apple gave their album away. But I still feel that that was a big blow to bands like us because we can't afford to give our albums away. And it sets the precedent that everyone's going to eventually expect for all albums to be given away." He added: ""I just feel, though, by U2, one of the biggest bands in the world, [doing this], other big bands are gonna follow — you know, the Lady Gagas and the COLDPLAYs and all these bands that are huge. That's gonna be the new trend — at least that's my opinion — of music albums being given away, and then it's gonna set the trend for everybody. And the next album we release, if we're not giving it away, or giving it away for practically nothing, people are gonna say, 'We're not gonna pick it up,' or 'We can't afford it.' Or 'So and so's album is only $2.99 and yours is $10.99, or $9.99.' You know what I mean? It just sets the tone. I guess we have to follow." After "Totally Driven" host Bay Ragni pointed out to Sweet that the U2 album can be easily removed from the iTunes music library once it has been downloaded, the STRYPER frontman said: "Well, I know. I read a lot of stuff and I heard a lot of concerns, and I understood some of them. I mean, for example, what if you don't want it? What if you're not a U2 fan, you don't like that kind of music, and you wake up and it's in your inbox. It's a bit like spam, right? Some people don't wanna be inconvenienced or hassled to have to delete it. I mean, as silly as it sounds, I get it. I understand. I mean, I get frustrated when I go in and I've got a porn in my inbox. Yeah, I just go delete it, but it still frustrates me that I have to."

Family Of AC/DC's MALCOLM YOUNG Confirms He Is Suffering From Dementia

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:14:26 +0000

AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young's family has issued a statement confirming reports that he is afflicted with dementia, a brain disorder that interferes with a person's ability to carry out everyday tasks. The statement released to People magazine said, "Malcolm is suffering from dementia and the family thanks you for respecting their privacy." Dementia can be reversed when it's caused by dehydration or other treatable conditions. But most forms of dementia worsen gradually over time and can't be corrected. According to WebMD, the average survival time for people diagnosed with dementia is about four and a half years. However, those diagnosed before age 70 typically live for a decade or longer. The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that Malcolm is being treated in a nursing home in Sydney, Australia. The facility is believed to be Lulworth House in Elizabeth Bay. A Young family connection told the newspaper, "If you were in the room with [Malcolm] and walked out, then came back in one minute later, he wouldn't remember who you are. He has a complete loss of short-term memory. His wife, Linda, has put him in full-time care." The 61-year-old guitarist is believed to have suffered a stroke sometime last year and was moved back to Australia from Europe, where he had been living. Former AC/DC manager Michael Browning said, "I think [Malcolm's illness] came on very suddenly… It's shocking. It's terrible. Sadly for AC/DC, they're losing their creator, their mentor. He's the genius behind the band." Malcolm did not participate in the recording sessions for AC/DC's new studio album, "Rock Or Bust", which is set to arrive on December 2. His replacement on the album and the band's upcoming world tour will be Stevie Young, nephew of Malcolm and AC/DC guitarist Angus Young. The band officially announced last week that Malcolm would not be returning to the lineup. Stevie Young played with AC/DC once before during a 1988 tour, while Malcolm stepped out to deal with his dependency on alcohol. Legend has it that Stevie resembled his uncle closely enough that many fans reportedly didn't even know Malcolm had left the tour. "We miss Malcolm, obviously," AC/DC singer Brian Johnson told TeamRock Radio this past July. "He's a fighter. He's in hospital, but he's a fighter. We've got our fingers crossed that he'll get strong again. "Stevie, Malcolm's nephew, was magnificent, but when you're recording with this thing hanging over you and your work mate isn't well, it's difficult. But I'm sure he was rooting for us. He's such a strong man. He's a small guy, but he's very strong. He's proud and he's very private, so we can't say too much." AC/DC will embark on a world tour to both promote "Rock Or Bust" and celebrate the band's 40th anniversary, although details are yet to be confirmed.

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