Beer Club Review #14: Blonde Bomber


Nice, simple bottle, graphics like an old (huh, as opposed to what, a new) WWII bomber. This Chicago based company is owned by a Veteran and all it's employees are Veterans who served. That's pretty great.

Yep, I like this alot. Simple, a little sweet in there somewhere. It's also light enough, you can drink quite a few (as the beer blowhards call it, a good "session beer." Nerds). Yep, really like this beer, no real slow down between the first drink and the end of the bottle. Think I'll have another.

I'm going 4 out of 5.



Out of Chicago, the Veteran Beer Company strives to employ veterans in every step of the brewing, marketing and distribution process. It was started by veterans to stem the tide of unemployment, suicide and homelessness among our Nation’s veterans.

Only the worst kind of traitorous, hippie commie scumbag would dare say anything negative about this beer. What does it taste like?


Drink up.